• Y0usef 1 Vulnhub Writeup

    Difficulty: Easy

    Goal: Get the root shell i.e.(root@localhost:~#) and then obtain flag under /root).

    Information: Your feedback is appreciated - Email: suncsr.challenges@gmail.com

    Tested: VMware Workstation 16.x Pro (This works better with VMware rather than VirtualBox)

  • Sans Holiday Hack Challenge Kringle Con3

    This year, we welcome tens of thousands of participants from around the world to solve holiday-themed challenges and attend Santa’s virtual conference.

    KringleCon is moving to an exciting newly renovated location at the North Pole. This year, Santa and his team of hard-working elves embarked on the largest construction project ever seen at the North Pole - a big upgrade of Santa’s castle. We’ve added a huge new courtyard, extra floors, and a magical elevator. Construction is almost done, just in time for KringleCon!

    To get to the North Pole and all the festivities, first review our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use, then sign in and hop onto the gondola for your ride up the mountain to Santa’s castle.


  • Devguru Vulnhub Writeup

    DevGuru is a fictional web development company hiring you for a pentest assessment. You have been tasked with finding vulnerabilities on their corporate website and obtaining root.

    OSCP like ~ Real life based

    Difficulty: Intermediate (Depends on experience)

  • HTTP(S) Servers for File Transfer in Linux

    I cannot tell you how many times I needed to have a quick and dirty way to transfer files in an engagement, so here are some that I have used before.

  • Bellatrix Vulnhub Writeup

    The evil Bellatrix Lestrange has escaped from the prison of Azkaban, but as … Find out and tell the Minister of Magic

    Difficult: Medium

    This works better in VirtualBox

    Hints –> Brute force is not necessary, unless it is required. ncat is the key ;)

    Social-Media: Twitter –> @BertrandLorent9, Instagram –> @BertrandLorente9